CHATTERBOX™ CLOUD is a hosted Customer Service Automation environment developed specifically for newspapers.  CHATTERBOX™ CLOUD integrates IVR, Outbound Calling, Web Services and Dispatch Paging in a virtual environment that can be accessed from anywhere.
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The choice is yours.  Subscribe to all of the services or pick only one or two; you have no capital cost or infrastructure to maintain and never have to worry about upgrades and service agreements again.  The telecommunication costs are built into the price so there are never any surprises; with all CHATTERBOX™ CLOUD modules you pay only for what you use.
CHATTERBOX™ IVR (Interactive Voice Response) will answer all calls to your Customer Service department and process Complaints, Account Inquiries, Vacations, Restarts, and Stops and Payments. It will update your Host computer in real-time.  CHATTERBOX™ Cloud IVR is a virtual IVR that works with all Host computer systems and telephone switches.  CHATTERBOX™ IVR is fully integrated into your ACD and will inform your customers of the actual wait time to speak with a customer service agent, providing them with the choice of waiting or using the IVR.   This full-featured IVR solution increases your revenue and retention through specially designed newspaper modules like JUST ASK for converting customers to an EZ Pay program, and MARKETING HOTLINE for special promotions enticing customers to renew their subscriptions and more.

(Out Bound Notification) makes automated outbound calls for applications such as New-Start Verification, Re-Delivery Verification, PIA-Renewal and any other outbound notification or broadcast message you can think of. CHATTERBOX™ OBN features professionally recorded messages as well as the ability to create your own messages "on the fly".  CHATTERBOX™ OBN is capable of distinguishing between an answering machine and a human.  It can leave a message for a machine, or ask a question of a "live" recipient.  It can update your Host system with the results of every call.

(WebGateWay) allows your subscribers to process transactions via the internet. Your host computer is updated in real-time, while the subscriber is still available and interacting with the website.  Subscribers access WGW by clicking a link on your existing WEB page.

(Alpha Dispatch Paging) will enable you to re-allocate the resources spent on dispatch to revenue-generation. Complaints that are entered into your host, either by agents or CHATTERBOX™ are automatically sent to your field personnel.  2-way paging receives canned messages from field-agents, and can update your host with receipt-of-message and re-delivery times.

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