Outbound Notification

CHATTERBOX™ OBN makes automated, outbound calls for applications such as New Start Verification, Re-Delivery Verification, and any other outbound notification or broadcast message you can think of.

CHATTERBOX™ OBN features both professionally recorded messages (in your choice of language) as well as the ability to create your own messages "on the fly".  CHATTERBOX™ OBN is capable of distinguishing between an answering machine and a human.  It can leave a message for a machine, or ask a question of a "live" recipient.

Benefit from CHATTERBOX™ OBN making a variety of automated outbound customer service calls for repetitive tasks while freeing up your customer service agents for the calls that truly require a "human touch".  Available modules include...

  • Re-Delivery Verification
  • Vacation Restart Verification
  • New Start Verification
  • New Sale Verification
  • TMC Verification 
  • Credit Card Expiry Notification
  • Account Expiry Notification
  • Pia (Renewal Notification) 
  • Classified AD Expiration Reminder
In addition to CHATTERBOX™ OBN's professionally recorded modules, users also have the ability to record their own messages using the Custom Outbound Notification Module.
  • Credit Card Information Update
  • Credit Card Declined
  • Complaints
  • Will Call Vacation
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Full Circle Solution
Picture this;
  • A customer calls to say they did not get their paper and the IVR records the problem.
  • The CHATTERBOX™ issues a one-time access to the e-Edition. 
  • CHATTERBOX™ issues a dispatch to the redelivery agents pager who confirms delivery with the push of a button. 
  • The CHATTERBOX™ then calls the customer back telling them their paper has just been delivered.