Alpha Numeric Paging

Use the CHATTERBOX™  Email Paging system to dispatch your redelivery requests at lightning speed. Any transaction entered either by your agents or the CHATTERBOX™  can be dispatched to a pager with the name, address and complaint description within seconds of the transaction being entered.
  • Easily setup pagers by district and day-of-week with our easy to use HTML monitor.
  • Change the paging hours day by day. You can even program holiday schedules in advance.
  • Dispatch messages to multiple pagers at the same time.
  • Re-route messages to another pager at the push of a button instantly.
  • Number each message by pager number so that a re-delivery agent will know if they missed a message.
  • ISD can usually include the complete host interface so that your IS department will not have any programming to do at all.
  • Each message contains all the information necessary for your people in the field to complete the re-delivery.

CHATTERBOX™  2-Way Paging Service allows re-delivery personnel to acknowledge receipt of an alphanumeric page, and acknowledge again once the paper has been delivered.

Full Circle Solution
Picture this;
  • A customer calls to say they did not get their paper and the IVR records the problem.
  • The CHATTERBOX™ issues a one-time access to the e-Edition. 
  • CHATTERBOX™ issues a dispatch to the redelivery agents pager who confirms delivery with the push of a button. 
  • The CHATTERBOX™ then calls the customer back telling them their paper has just been delivered.
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