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Real-Time WEB Transactions: Save Time and Money While Extending your Customer Service Window

Chatterbox WebGateway™ automates vacations, complaints, account queries, and payments via the Internet.

Many newspapers are still having their subscribers complete a form that needs to be transcribed back into their customer service host.  Valuable agent-time is spent performing a task that can be fully automated.  Re-allocate that agent-time to more productive tasks, or simply reduce your overall operating expense.

WebGateway™ is accessed through a link on your existing Website.  Subscribers don't need to register or remember a new password or account number.  It allows newspapers to offer 24/7 real-time customer service at a fraction of the cost of using agents.

WebGateway™ is available as an option to your existing Chatterbox IVR, or as a standalone system.  Implement WebGateway™ on a pay-per-use or capital purchase basis.

WebGateway™ is directly interfaced to your existing customer service host, and is programmed to follow the same business rules as your agents do.  WebGateway™ only offers subscribers options that are appropriate for them after looking up their account.  ISD has interfaces to all newspaper CS hosts, as well as creating custom interfaces. 

WebGateway™ has the ability to provide geo-marketing advertising, displaying relevant content to users based on geographic location or other criteria.

WebGateway™ pages have a "look and feel" similar to your existing Website, and you can easily modify pages for promotions without any specialized skills.

A half-hour remote demo will provide everything you need to decide if WebGateway™ is right for your newspaper.